Krav Maga Certification: Coaches Camp (Online)


$199 per session.

To complete the certification, must complete all 4-sessions.

Time: 8:00am-12:00pm PST

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Get Krav Maga Coach Certified: Levels 1-5. Unlock your potential in the world of Krav Maga with our Vanguard Coaches Camp. Join us for an intensive training experience led by our top instructors. Learn essential self-defense techniques, coaching skills, and gain access to exclusive resources. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, this camp will elevate your Krav Maga expertise. Become a certified coach, access monthly seminars, and be part of an empowered community. Don’t miss your chance to become a Krav Maga leader!

2024 Krav Maga Certification Sessions: We’ve taken our entire certification and broken it up in four 4-hour sessions that are numbered. In order to complete the certification, each 4 numbered sessions must be completed. Here are the list of the 2024 certification sessions:

  • #1/4: Saturday, Jan. 27
  • #2/4: Sunday, Jan. 28
  • #3/4: Saturday, Mar. 16
  • #4/4: Sunday, Mar. 17
  • #1/4: Saturday, April. 27
  • #2/4: Sunday, April. 28
  • #3/4: Sunday, May 18
  • #4/4: Sunday, Mar. 19
  • #1/4: Saturday, July 28
  • #2/4: Sunday, July 29
  • #3/4: Saturday, Aug. 17
  • #4/4: Sunday, Aug. 19
  • #1/4: Saturday, October 26
  • #2/4: Sunday, October 27
  • #3/4: Saturday Nov. 9
  • #4/4: Sunday, Nov. 10

VKM Coaches Camp Perks:

  • Four 4-hour Krav Maga Training Sessions
  • Coaches Handbook.
  • Coach T-Shirt.
  • Water Bottle.
  • MMA Gloves.
  • Tactical Kit: Flashlight, Pen.
  • Coach Certificate
  • Listed on the Vanguard Krav Maga® Website as a certified Coach.
  • 3-Months Free Online Membership.

Unlock a World of Krav Maga Expertise

Dive into a wide spectrum of Krav Maga techniques and coaching skills.

In-Depth Instruction

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned practitioner, this camp is tailored to your needs. Go over techniques in Level 1-5 during this coaches camp.

Expert Guidance

Led by Everest Pepper, our Head Krav Maga Instructor, and supported by our team of seasoned Krav Maga students, you’ll learn from the best in the field.

Hands-On Learning

Forget theory-heavy sessions. At our camp, you’ll roll up your sleeves and put techniques and coaching skills into action right away.

Earn a Krav Maga Certification

Earn a prestigious certification upon completing the camp, solidifying your credentials as a Krav Maga coach.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow Krav Maga enthusiasts and potential business partners, expanding your horizons.

No Prerequisites

No prior experience required. Our camp welcomes everyone, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Here is the tentative* schedule for the camp:

Fundamentals and Self-Defense Basics

  • Stances and Movement: Start with a review of fundamental stances
    • Passive Stance
    • Fighting Stance
    • Movement
  • Handstrikes: Teach basic strikes such as straight punches, palm strikes, hammer fists, and low punches.
    • Straight Punches
    • Palm Strikes
    • Hammer Fists
    • Elbows
  • Kicks: Introduce essential kicks like front kicks, back kicks, and round kicks.
    • Front Kick
    • Defensive Front Kick
    • Round Kick
    • Back Kick
    • Side Kick
  • Combination Attacks: Begin with simple combinations of punches and kicks.
  • Hand Defenses: Cover inside and outside defenses against punches.
    • 360 Outside Defenses (with and without strikes, & counters)
    • Inside Defense Against Straight/Low Punches
  • Choke Defenses: Teach basic choke defenses, focusing on common threats.
    • One Hand Pluck (Front)
    • Front with a Push
    • From Behind
    • From Side, Extended/Condensed (Static)
    • From Side, Extended/Condensed (With a Push)
  • Ground Fighting: Introduce basic ground defense techniques, including fall breaks and basic movements.
    • Back Fall Break / Side Position
    • Front Fall Break / Side Position
    • Movement
    • Kicks
      •      Front
      •      Round
      •      Axe
      •      Side
    • Getting Up
      •      Figure 4 / Turn & Run
      •      Two Hands
      •      Tactical

Intermediate Techniques and Scenarios

  • Shadow Boxing: Start the day with shadow boxing, emphasizing footwork, and striking combinations.
  • Punch Combinations: Move on to more advanced punch combinations.
    • Punch Combinations 1-8
  • Kick Defenses: Teach defenses against high and low kicks.
    • Plucking Defense vs. Side Kick
    • Defense vs. High & Medium Front Kick
    • Defense vs. Low Round Kick (Evasion)
    • Defense vs. Low Round Kick (Checking)
    • Defense vs. Low Round Kick (Jamming)
    • Defense vs. Kick to Ribs (Ground)
  • Bear Hugs: Introduce defenses against common bear hug scenarios.
    • Front with Arms Free (With Space/No Space)
    • Front with Arms Caught (With Space/No Space)
    • Behind with Arms Free
    • Behind with Arms Caught
  • Knife Defenses: Begin with knife defense techniques, addressing various knife attacks.
    • From the Front
    • From the Side
    • Straight Stab from the Front (Bailout)
    • Knife Intimidation off the Body from Front
    • Knife Intimidation Against the Body from Front
    • Defense vs. Knife Against Body, Behind Elbow (Right/Left)
  • Choke Defenses: Continue with advanced choke defense scenarios.
    • Choke from Behind (Windpipe/Carotid)
    • Choke Against the Wall from Front
    • Shove Against the Wall from Behind
    • Shove/Bar-arm with Impending Punches
  • Ground Fighting: Focus on ground defenses against chokes and attackers in various positions.
    • Defending the Mount (Bottom Pos):
      •      Defending Punches 
      •      Escaping (Buck, Trap, & Roll)
      •      Choke While Mounted (Pluck & Buck)
      •      Headlock or Close Choke while Mounted
    • The Guard (Bottom Position):
      •      Striking Options from the Guard
      •      Kicking Off from the Guard
      •      Choke Defense While Attacker is in Guard

Advanced Techniques and Realistic Scenarios

  • Weapon Defenses: Cover defenses against sticks and handguns.
    • Overhead Swing, Front & Off Angle Left
    • Overhead Swing Off Angle (Right)
    •      Control & Punch
    •      Disarm
    • Baseball Bat to Head
    • Baseball Bat to Head Reflexive from Reverse Angle
    • Baseball Bat Defense from Ground (Facing & Perpendiculuar)
    • Baseball Bat Stabbing Defense
    • Gun from the front (head/body/kneeling)
    • Gun from Behind
    • Gun from the side
  • Multiple Attackers: Introduce strategies for handling multiple attackers.
    • Multiple Attackers
  • Advanced Defense Scenarios: Address high-pressure scenarios, including third-party protection measures.
    • Introduction to 3rd Party Protection Measures:
    • Gun from Front
    • Gun from Side
  • Simulated Real-World Scenarios: Conduct practical simulations to test participants’ skills in realistic situations.
    • Closed quarters, small spaces
    • Public places
  • Certification Evaluation: Assess participants’ proficiency in techniques learned throughout the camp. Overview of all techniques learned. 

Additional information

Session Date

#1/4: Saturday, Jan. 27, #2/4: Sunday, Jan. 28, #3/4: Saturday, Mar. 16, #4/4: Sunday, Mar. 17, #1/4: Saturday, April. 27, #2/4: Sunday, April. 28, #3/4: Sunday, May 18, #4/4: Sunday, Mar. 19, #1/4: Saturday, July 28, #2/4: Sunday, July 29, #3/4: Saturday, Aug. 17, #4/4: Sunday, Aug. 19, #1/4: Saturday, October 26, #2/4: Sunday, October 27, #3/4: Saturday Nov. 9, #4/4: Sunday, Nov. 10