Online Classes and Training

Krav Maga Training, Anytime & Anywhere

Learn Self Defense from the safety of your own home. Access the entire Vanguard Krav Maga® Curriculum from Yellow Belt to Black Belt all online. There are many pathways to learn: Core Videos, Curriculum Videos, Technique Videos, Instructor Highlights, Zoom classes, & More.

Train Different.

VKM® Core

Online classes that mirror in-person classes. VKM® techniques, fundamentals, and real-world applications are covered in VKM® Core videos.

VKM® Curriculum

Short format videos that get right to the vital points of each technique, common mistakes, and testing expectations are covered in VKM® Curriculum videos.

VKM® Technique

Quick videos that cover each technique in the VKM® system. These videos are great to pinpoint the technique you are looking for.

VKM® Specialist

Technique videos from our Krav Maga Specialist Division that demonstrate and break down vital points needed to learn how to perform each technique effectively.

VKM® On Demand

Go back through our live zoom class library and attend classes to engage in dynamic training, with our certified Krav Maga instructors.

Online Tests

Earn your Krav Maga Belts (Practitioner Levels) online, with convenient Zoom testing. Each tests is proctored by our senior Krav Maga instructors.

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Start learning Krav Maga! Gain access to online classes, curriculum, and on-demand content.