Vanguard Krav Maga® Rank Belt Testing

The complete Krav Maga system has six levels: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, & Black. VKM has a complete curriculum, with student handbook, corresponding videos, & classes that will allow people to move up in levels by testing in-person or online.

Yellow Belt (L1)

The transition from a beginning Krav Maga practitioner to a Level 1 Ranking is mostly focused on the basic fundamentals of Krav Maga, with attention to strategic fighting stances and basic combat.

Orange Belt (L2)

The focus is on techniques and an expansion of the basic lessons of Level 1. In this stage, students cover the basics of ground combat and proper maneuvering in more advanced self-defense scenarios.

Green Belt (L3)

This level focuses on the expansion of the first two levels while implementing instruction with a live and combative attacker. This is when students learn how to defend against knife attacks and elaborate on ground defenses.

Blue Belt (L4)

This level is defined by the refinement of all previous levels and advancement in the severity of potential threats. Dealing with advanced scenarios of disarming those with firearms, this level takes care to consider all potential dangers and to further elaborate on takedowns.

Brown Belt (Expert 1)

The 5th level is when students are introduced to third-party defenses and multiple attackers, with mindfulness toward the refinement of previous self-defense belt techniques.

Black Belt (Expert 2)

The final step in the Krav Maga belt test is the 6th level. In order to obtain this rank, the student will have gone through at least 42 months of dedicated instruction and technique polishing.

In-Person Testing at VKM Headquarters

Krav Maga testing is quarterly at VKM HQ in Santa Clara, California. Students have the option of testing for their Belt or Practitioner Rank. During testing students are put under high stress situations to demonstrate their understanding of the vital principles of each technique. Students are graded on their knowledge of the technique, application of the technique, and intensity.

Online Zoom Testing

Online Zoom Belt testing is now available for students that train online. Students now have the option of testing for their Practitioner Rank through Zoom. Similar to in-person testing, each student will be asked to demonstrate each technique to show knowledge of the key principles and vital points. Students have the option of doing the test alone or with a partner.


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