2nd Quarter Krav Maga Teaching Certifications

Every year we have Krav Maga Teaching Certification opportunities. During our 2nd Quarter Krav Maga Teaching Certifications we had licensees bring instructors from Utah, Texas, and Oklahoma. Each instructor trained with our Head Krav Maga program director and the rest of the staff and students at the Vanguard Krav Maga® headquarters, located in Santa Clara, California.

Pictured above (left to right): Gavin Humphrey (American Masters Martial Arts-AMMA), Beau Brown (AMMA), Michael Humphrey (AMMA), Thomas Wilson (Infinity Martial Arts & Self Defense), Melinda Wilson (Infinity Martial Arts & Self Defense), Erik Tryon (Utah valley Martial Arts), and Everest Pepper (VKM Head Director).

If you are interested you can now license and certify your school as a VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® Official Training Center and add a dynamic and effective self defense and fitness program to your business. VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® certification is designed to be a convenient and cost effective program for business owners looking to increase revenue and adult student retention. Whether you’re an existing school owner or looking to start a new business, VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® certification will provide comprehensive training on how to effectively teach self defense to your members in addition to business and marketing support to ensure that you run a profitable program.