VANGUARD KRAV MAGA's® Force Training Division offers battle tested, job specific training to police officers, military, parole officers, custodial officers, and federal agents. Many of the techniques are tailored towards law enforcement and military personnel with the understanding that trainees are wearing body armor and equipment while on duty. Our goal is to provide real world experience in our instruction including but not limited to gun retention, firearm take-away, knife defense, and ground fighting designed to make the trainee accustomed to responding appropriately under stressful situations.

Our focus is to keep officers safe by teaching effective fighting and self defense skills and take into consideration issues of liability. Non-lethal techniques are incorporated when appropriate to address the officer's personal well-being and subject safety while decreasing liability factors as much as possible.

3rd Party Protection and other specialized seminars are offered to keep individuals in law enforcement and related fields up to date on job specific training. Additionally, we offer customized training tailored specifically for various police departments and agencies which can be held at our facility or an off-site location.

Individuals from the agencies listed below have taken part in VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® Force Training:

San Jose Police Dept, Redwood City Police Dept, Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, Santa Clara Police Dept, Alameda County Sheriffs Dept, Oakland Police Dept, Salinas Police Dept, Concord Police Dept, Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Dept, Mountain View Police Dept, BART Police, Milpitas Police Dept, California Dept. of Corrections, Capitola Police Dept, California State Parole, San Francisco Sheriffs Dept, Fremont Police Dept, Gilroy Police Dept, South San Francisco Police, Santa Clara County Dept. of Corrections, San Francisco International Airport Police, Sunnyvale Police Dept, Santa Clara County Sheriffs, California Highway Patrol, Police Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Force Recon, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Marine Corps, 7th Psyops Group, U.S. Army Air Force Special Operations Command, 101st Airborne, U.S. Army, U.S. Naval Intelligence, U.S. Army Rangers
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