As Krav Maga has spread throughout the years into the civilian sector it has become a popular alternative to the traditional gym workout. The proven techniques have not only made their way into the fight scenes of feature films but also into the workout routines of many Hollywood celebrities.

VANGUARD KRAV MAGA┬« classes are known for providing intense and reality based training that will challenge students to reach new mental and physical limits. VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® "Go" classes focus on the physical conditioning aspect of training while incorporating repetitions of self defense techniques throughout the class. "Go" classes will have students performing fast paced drills to practice their skills while various forms of conditioning exercises are mixed in between. The high intensity and constant switching of drills teaches students to react quickly and adapt to a variety of situations.

While the focus of VANGUARD KRAV MAGA® remains on realistic fighting and self defense, the "Go" class approach gives students a variation from the normal class structure while refining their techniques during a challenging and fun workout.

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